Xtreme Fire Green




The most popular 1/10 4 wheel drive 2 speed off-road buggy in the world just got better! At each evolutionary step, the Xtreme has been improved upon to keep it at the peak of the RC off-road buggy field. So how do you make an Xtreme better? Extra speed, extra adjustability, extra toughness! The new Xtreme is packed with features that have been suggested by Xtreme owners: More room for the electronics, easier access to the differentials and transmission, and more suspension adjustability. The result is the best Xtreme ever.

The heart of the Xtreme truck line has always been a .18 engine with reliable and consistent power for tough off-road driving. With revised porting and crankshaft, internal airflow has been optimized for increased power and torque.

Item: 51C06_XtremeFiregreen