XTM-X Terminator




The XTM XT2 1/8 Ready-to-Run Nitro Buggy is a performance buggy that will handle all you do both on the track and out bashing. The XTM Team of engineers spent months on the track determining the design and setups to make the XT2 our best buggy ever. The XT2 has been upgraded throughout to give you a competitive edge. New suspension geometry! New radio system layout! New bracing systems! The XT2 (X-Terminator 2) has it all!

Whether it’s on the track or in a field, the XT2 is ready to tear up the terrain and carve through the curves with ease. With adjustable camber, toe-in, and adjustable bump steer, the XT2 is prepared to take on all the different surfaces it encounters. Included are factory-installed beefy 5mm braces to support the front and rear gear boxes, a mega high-torque metal-geared steering servo, metric steel-alloy hex screws throughout, and a steel drivetrain to keep the enjoyment flowing from fuel tank to fuel tank. Add the reliability and power from the XTM 24.7 engine with tuned pipe system, and the XT2 is sure to create 1/8 scale enjoyment for everyone! Tested at 40+ mph.


  • Model Name: XTM XT2 1/8 RTR Nitro Buggy
  • Part Number: 145625
  • Price: $370.00 (Approx. Street Price)
  • Type: 1/8 Scale Four Wheel Drive Buggy
  • Width: 19.02″ (483mm)
  • Width: 12.01″ (305mm)
  • Wheelbase: 12.76-12.99″ (324-330mm)
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs. (3.63 kg)
  • Wheels: White Plastic Dish-Style 4.19×1.65″ (106x42mm)
  • Tires: Block Studs 4.75×1.73″ (121x44mm)
  • Front Suspension: Independent C-Hub
  • Rear Suspension: Independent Carrier-Based
  • Shocks: Threaded Aluminum
  • Chassis: 3.0mm Anodized Aluminum
  • Engine: XTM 247 .247 (4.1cc)
  • Brakes: Crossdrilled Stainless Steel Discs/Fiber Pads
  • Fuel Tank: 125cc