Kyosho Twin Storm Electric




The Twin Storm’s awesome thrust is generated by two 550-class water-cooled motors and a newly re-designed gear reduction unit with precision stainless steel ball bearings.
The Twin Storm is fully assembled with all main parts of the long 935mm hull already factory-assembled.
Kyosho designed sophisticated inboard/out-drive system is equipped with precision stainless steel bearings provides stable high-speed turning.
The out-drive system is fully adjustable for any conditions. Detents for adjustment ensure setting always stay the same.
Push / Pull linkage setup provides a precise feel to the steering.
Equipped with special water-cooled twin-drive electronic speed controller to manage the full 14.4V power and a high grade servo and receiver.
Almost all screws are made from anti-corrosive high-grade stainless steel.
Two 7.4 volt stick packs and a charger not included.


  • Length: 935mm (36.8″)
  • Width: 260mm (10.2″)
  • Weight: 2600g. (5.7 lbs) approx.
  • Prop: D42×P1.4
  • Engine: 2 x 500 class electric (Water Cooled)
  • Battery: 2 x 7.4 volt nicad packs (not included)
  • Radio: Wheel Tx, 1 x servo, 1 x receiver, 1 x 14.4 volt speedo